Hi there! We're Salwa and Rabab. We met a while ago in Nice's engineering school (South of France) and have been friends for more than ten years. 

We both faced hormonal imbalances that have affected us differently (weight loss or weight gain, skin issues, very painful periods, anxiety and stress issues, premenstrual depression, etc.). Instead of or resorting to the pill or any hormonal treatment, we decided to explore different options. We're lucky we had each other because we regularly shared our findings and what worked best for each of us.

We spent a lot of time reading and documenting to understand our bodies and find more sustainable and alternative solutions to our problems. We were surprised by how complex women's bodies are and couldn't believe the crazy amount of information about women's health that we didn't know about, which could have saved us years of troubles. 

This is exactly why we created YummyforShe to make sure that all women have access to all the useful and up-to-date information we have gathered so far and share the tips that have worked for us. We believe that with the right diet and lifestyle, you will look and feel great!

Our approach is based on four pillars:

  1. Adapt your diet to your cycle

  2. Exercise while respecting your cycle

  3. Take care of your mental health

  4. Choose the right beauty care

We look forward to help you uncover answers to your health concerns so you can feel your best.